Sl No. Committee Name Purpose of the Committee Member of the Committee
1 Proctorial Board This board is constituted in the College to manage the disciplinary activities and monitor the working of the students. 1. Dr. Jaya Singh

2. Dr. Ravi Kumar Jaiswal

3. Dr. Munila Naqvi

4. Dr. Sanjay Kumar

2 Students welfare Committee Canteen facility is provided for the student and faculty at a concessional rate. MOU signed with SEWA hospital to provide in house medical facility and other benefit to the student and faculty Objective. Our college aims is to best idea for mapping success that is BIMS
Its seek to motivate, guide and train all the student of the college irrespective of their social status to select the right career and make them responsible citizens.
1. Mrs. Rashmi Pandey

2. Mrs. Priya Butoliya

3. Mrs. Shail Pandey

4. 1 male & 1 female student from each deptt

3 Grievance Cell The purpose of this committee is to provide a means to near dispute of college employees and students who have not received satisfactions in the resolution of their disputes. To ensure a fair, impartial and consistent mechanism for redressal of varied issues faced by the students. To unhold the dignity of the college by promoting cordial student-student relationship, student-teacher relationship, teacher–teacher relationship. 1. Mr. Pankaj Bora

2. Dr. Jaya Singh

3. Dr. Anurag Srivastava

4. 1 male & 1 female student from each deptt


4 Cultural Committee The purpose of this committee is to encourage students towards excellence and our all development. We thank our Principal Dr. Jaya Singh and college staff for giving us the needed support and guidance in conducting all events. 1. Mr. Saurabh Jaiswal

2. Ms. Nisha Gupta

3. Mrs. Jalpa Gupta

4. Mr. Devesh Srivastava

5. 1 male & 1 female student from each deptt

5 Academic Activity Committee To make quality the defining element of higher education in India through a combination of self and external quantity evolution of Academic Activity with such initiative. 1. Dr. Jaya Singh

2. Dr. Sanjay Kumar

3. Mrs. Rashmi Pandey

4. Dr. Gargee Singh

5. Mr. Alokik Dixit

6 Placement and follow up cell The Training and Placement Cell of Bora Institute of Management Sciences, Lucknow handles. Campus placement of the MBA, BBA, B.Com & B.Ed. students of our campus. The Placement Cell provides complete support to the visiting companies at every stage of placement process. Arrangements for Pre-Placement Talks, Written Tests, Interviews and Group Discussions are made as per the requirement of the visiting companies. 1. Dr. Jaya Singh

2. Mrs. Shail Pandey

3. Mr. Mohhamad Talha Siddiqui

4. Ms. Aparna Singh

5. Mr. Gagan Pant

6. 1 male & 1 female student from each deptt


7 Sports Committee Organise various kinds of sports activities. Enhance students, faculty and staff sportsmanship and commitment. Discover hidden talents, team work and positive attitude. 1. Mr.Krishna Mohan Vishwakarma

2. Dr.Sanjay Manjhi
3. Mr.Gagan Pant
4. Ms.Shivangi Srivastava
5. Students –
B.ed -Rajat Yadav
Rinki Singh
B.Com -Anil Kumar Yadav
Kavita Shukla
B.BA- Kajal Patel
Ranjeet Rawat
M.BA-Vinit Kumar
Akansha Pathak

8 Canteen Committee A Canteen Committee is responsible for monitoring reviewing the canteen policy. They may also specific decisions as specified in the canteen policy such as employing staff, authoring major purchases in this menu. A canteen committee is a proven way to give the canteen enough autonomy to operate as business while maintaining strong connections to the whole school community. 1. Mr. Akbar Khan

2. Ms. Pooja Dixit

3. Dr. Vijay Laxmi Sharma

4.1 Male & 1 Female student from each deptt

9 Maintenance Committee This committee addresses the inspection and repair of college building and infrastructure. 1. Mr. Chetan Mishra
2. Mr. S.N. Singh
3. Mr. Amit Dubey
10 Library Committee To establish and maintain an effective relationship with the students, faculty, researchers and staff of the Institute to ensure an informed and integrated approach to the creation and delivery of information services.

To select, collect, create, organize, preserve, manage and provide access to information sources in

print, non-print and digital forms, regardless of physical location, to support scholarly pursuit, learning, teaching and research in the Institute.

To facilitate and promote access to the fast growing and expanding collection of digital sources of

Primary and secondary information.

1. Dr. Jaya Singh

2. Dr. Anurag Srivastava

3. Mr. Chakravaram    Venkamaraju

4. Mr. Syed Akhtar Ali Riyaz

5. Dr. Munila Naqvi

6. Dr. Sanjay Kumar

7. Ms. Meeta Srivastava

8. Ms. Mamta Jaiswal

9. 1 Male & 1 female student from each deptt.

11 Alumni Association BIMS believes in integrating the classroom exposure and studies to be leveled with corporate experience. Alumni association cell assist current students and alumni in career planning, placement and transitions. It works to support the strong relationship between the alumni association and current students. Alumni committee provide a forum to establish a link between the alumni, staff and students of the Institute and to enable the alumni to participate in activities that would contribute to the general development of the Institute and the Society. 1. Dr.jaya Singh

2. Mrs. Shail pandey

3. Mr.Mohammad Talha Siddiqui

4. Ms. Aparna singh

5. Mr. Gagan pant

Female alumnus representative-Pooja dixit (2009)

Male alumnus representative-Gagan pant(2010)


12 Internal Quality Assurance Cell To develop a system for conscious, consistent and catalytic action to improve the academic and administrative performance of the institution.To promote measures for institutional functioning towards quality enhancement through internalisation of quality culture and institutionalisation of best practices. 1. Mr. Pankaj Bora

2. Dr.Anurag Srivastava

3. Dr. Jaya Singh

4. Dr.Munila Naqui

5. Dr. Ravi Kumar Jaiswal

6. Dr.Sanjay Kumar

7. Mr. Venkamaraju Chakravaram

8. Mr. Chetan Kumar Mishra

9. Prof. Sanjay Medhavi – Dept of Managment LU

10. Prof. KiranlataDangwal Dept of Education LU

11. Prof. Narsingh Retd prof of Commerce Dept of LU

12. Prof.M.Verma Dept of Education LU


13 Management Committee The Management Committee of the BIMS is responsible for contributing to the institute & strategic and business plans, cluster projects, teaching and learning initiatives and for identifying opportunities to further the institute's vision and mission. The Director of committee is responsible to the Management Committee, which provides essential advice and support in relation to fund-raising activity, employment of staff at the Institute, appointment of organisers of programmes, housing, library and computing facilities,

Publicity and general oversight of all activities of the Institute. Its aim is to facilitate to the fullest possible extent the smooth and effective running of their search programmes of the Institute and all related activities. It generally meets four times a year. The BIMS is proud to introduce its current Management Committee:

1. Mr. Pankaj Bora

2. Dr. Jaya Singh

3. Dr. Anurag Srivastava

4. Mr. Chakravaram Venkamaraju

5. Mr. Chetan Mishra

14 Admission Cell The objective of this Cell is to guide candidates in selecting different courses according to their interest through counseling.

To follow a transparent admission policy based on merit and on the score of entrance examinations.

To assess the students in personal interviews to make a fair selection.

To help in the admission formalities.

To provide scholarship to the meritorious and economically weaker students.

1. Mr. Ramesh Ranjan Mishra

2. Dr. Anurag Srivastava

3. Dr. Vijay Laxmi Sharma

4. Ms. Aparna Singh

5. Mr. Amit Kumar Dubey

6. Mr. Chetan Mishra

7. Mr. Saurabh Jaiswal

15 Finance Committee 1.        To protect the organization from actual or apparent conflict of interest.

2.        The Committee is especially concerned with the interactions between the Institute and its funding bodies.

3.        To act as the management’s eyes and ears in the financial operation.

4.        To act as an advisory panel to the financial operation.

5.        To evaluate both the financial operation and the people in charge of it from a position of knowledge.


1. Mr.Pankaj Bora

2. Mr.Chetan Mishra

3. Dr. Jaya Singh

16 Woman Grievance Cell This cell is responsible for looking in to any complaints field by student and staff about woman grievances at the Institutions. 1. Dr. Munila Naqvi

2. Mrs. Deepali Srivastava

3. Ms. Shazia Parveen


4. Ms. Himanshi Gupta

5. Ms. Baby Arti Punetha

6. Ms. Indu Rawat

7. Ms. Shalini Mitra

8. Ms. Akansha Pathak

9. Ms. Akshara

10. Ms. Kanchan Singh Chauhan

11. Ms. Kavita

12. Ms. Syed Afreen

13. Ms. Shraddha

17 Research and Consultancy Committee To create zeal amongst students and faculty members toward research and innovation. To create centers of Excellence in niche areas of research. To foster collaborations for mutual benefits and to maximize Industrial connectivity.

To establish collaboration with other public and private sectors and identify various projects including

Consultancy services which could be undertaken at the institution.

1. Mr. Chakravaram Venkamaraju

2. Dr. Wasif Ali

3. Dr. Sanjay Kumar

18 Magazine Committee The faculty and student representatives constitute the magazine and the news letter

Committee. The Committee meets periodically to discuss and select the articles for

Publication. Where necessary it will also commission articles from faculty and others.

1. Mr. Ramesh Ranjan Mishra

2. Dr. Sanjay Kumar

3. Ms. Deepali Srivastava

4. Ms. Kajal Tiwari

5. Ms. Rashmi Pandey

6. Ms. Jalpa Gupta

7. Mr. Sanchit Katiyar

8. Ms. Arti Punetha

9. Ms. Niharika Singh

10. Mr. Sajjid Khan

19 ISR Committee Develop Community Knowledge systems for bridging the gap between theory and practice.

Encourage interactions between students and local communities for better understanding of problems faced by them.

BIMS Organize national and international seminars and also conduct Trade Carnival every year.

1. Dr. Anurag Srivastava

2. Dr. Jaya Singh

3. Mrs. Jyoti Pal

4. Ms. Nisha Gupta

5. Mr.Kuldeep Dwivedi

6. Mr. Devesh Kumar Srivastava

20 Anti Ragging Committee To ensure a fair, impartial and consistent mechanism in the college premise of varied issues faced by the students. To uphold the dignity of the college by promoting cordial Student-Student relationship, Student-teacher relationship. To develop a responsive and accountable attitude among the senior students, thereby maintaining a harmonious atmosphere in the college campus; 1. Dr. Ravi Jaiswal

2. Mrs. Jyoti Pal

3. Mr. Vishwakarma

4. Mr. Sanchit Katiya

5. Ms. Poornima